DU BIST DA – The App
To mark World Down Syndrome Day on March 21, the app “DU BIST DA” has been released after three years of development. It brings the illustrations to life, making them touchable and tangible. With wonderful animations, a read-aloud voice, additional music and sound effects, the book „YOU ARE HERE – and you are beautiful“ becomes an interactive film.
An animated picture story game about fears, hope and happiness with trisomy 21.An interactive children’s app for adults to inspire hope. Evelyne Faye tells the story is from the perspective of little girl Emma. Her message: even when everything doesn’t go according to plan, life can be beautiful and full of possibilities. This is also conveyed by the enchanting pictures by illustrator Birgit Lang, lovingly animated and set to music by multimedia artist Jo Jacobs.
Available for iOSmacOS & Android at the App Store Google PlayIncluded Languages: English, German, French
More Info: https://dubistda.net/en 

Release for iOS and Android: March 2022 🙂


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