It’s on the way!

Good evening!

Today we finalised jemory 1.0 and it went directly to Apple. In approximately 1 week we are going to get the okay! Hopefully it is an okay and jemory can have the same great start as jMagic. 5 days have passed since jMagic was launched and it is topping our expectations.



jemory’s best quality are the sets of cards! With a group of artists, illustrators, cartoonist and photographers we are offering a large selection of high quality pictures.




Now jemory is ready to come and it is way better than jMagic. Well, it’s difficult to compare a magic-trick and a memo-game but all I can say is that the game is pretty awesome 🙂

Got it!

Hey guys!

Today we finally got the approval from Apple for jMagic! It is now “ready for sale”! We are really happy that it worked lately, ‘coz we had a lot of trouble getting the app properly codesigned. But it is online now and everybody can download it in the Apple store, of course for free!

jMagic is available in 3 languages, English, German and Spanish. So try it out!

jMagic on iTunes

Regards from Jesse and Jo!


There they are!


    Today I took a few screen shots of jemory 1.0. We are nearly done with the game and going to fix the last  peanuts on Monday. So what is jemory about? Like the name already says, it is a card-memory game. At the beginning you may choose between 2 sets of cards (with the following versions you will be able to download additional sets via the App-store). Now you can select with how many people you want to play, 1 to 4 and may choose between 2 difficulty-levels.

And of course we added some nice features you will find out by yourself. I will keep you updated about the development and be back at least when publishing the app. Until then…








Hi everybody!

By now jMagic should already be available at the iTunes store but we had some compatible issues with the old iPhone 3G. It will take another week to fix all the complications cause we don’t want to offer the app only for iPhone 4 owners. So you have to wait.

On the other side we also have some good news. jemory is nearly done and it will be up simultaneously with jMagic or even earlier! We are talking about a couple of days here. So stay updated and don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the first to download jemory for free.

I will soon post some Screen shots and details on jemory.


jMagic goes beta!

Good evening!


Today we finally finished the first test-version of the jMagic app. After changing, adding and improving the style and sounds, we are now releasing a version for testing. Hopefully we did a good job and there are just a few small issues to fix.  If you are interested to check out the beta-version and want to give a comment about how you like it, then please E-Mail us. Use the contact form or just write to

So the next few weeks will show, if the app got potential. We will keep you updated about the progress.

Have a nice day!


JMagic – Development

Hi Everybody!

After several weeks of coding for first Apple application, jMagic, it is slowly coming to an end. The App’s core is finished and we are now focusing on the layout. During the coming week we will probably release a beta-version for our Test-user.


Like the name is giving us a hint, this application is a magic trick. Explaining the trick at this point would be kinda lame, so I will just say, that it is about 6 play cards.  As soon as the development is completed you can download the App in Apple’s store and find out what it’s doing.

Until then we will keep you updated on the latest progress.