Find the most beautiful name!
The most beautiful name in the world? Forenames, surnames, nicknames, brand names? You pick it. Which sounds better, how can it be improved?

Does your name sound nice to you? Do you and your buddies like it? How beautiful is it compared to their names? Check it out with this app that rates the (sound) beauty of each name on a scale from 0 to 100. Maybe you have the most beautiful name in the world!

Looking for a nice-sounding name for your baby, your pet or your product? Wanna know whether ‘Eleni’ sounds nicer than ‘Egon’,  ‘puppy’ better than ‘buddy’ or ‘viagra’ cooler than ‘cialis’? Forenames, surnames, nicknames, brand names? You pick it. Which sounds better? How can it be improved?

This app is made for answering such questions. It’s based on scientific work in neurolinguistics. Still its aim is not full scientific accuracy, but entertainment and promotion of community action. Try it out and have fun!



JACK IT –  im App Store.
JACK IT for iPhone & iPod TouchJACK IT das neue Wort-Reaktions-Spiel von j-apps, den Machern von jemory, jMagic und WidSe!

• Trainiere dein Gehirn und deine Reaktion
• Fülle spielend deinen Wortschatz auf.
• Tolle Level-Illustrationen von Birgit Lang
• Soundtrack von YO
• Game Center Support*
• iPhone 5 optimiert

Die neue Version von JACK IT enthält schon viele Verbesserungen und Fehlerbehebungen. Doch wir arbeiten weiter an unserem neuen Spiel. Wie findet ihr JACK IT? Was gefällt euch? Was gefällt euch nicht? Welche Verbesserungsvorschläge habt ihr? Bitte schickt uns euere Feedback an
Viel Spaß wünschen Jesse & Jo von

JACK IT ist eine Produktion von
Jo Jacobs (Logo-Design, Musik und UI-Design) und
Jesse Hinrichsen (Programmierung).
Vielen Dank an Birgit Lang für die Illustrationen [] und Candy Karl für die Namens-Findung []!
Alle Rechte vorbehalten. © 2013 j-apps
* Game Center erst ab iPhone 4

JACK IT im App Store



Update mit neuem Icon, neuen Witzen und einem Haufen Lach-Sounds von joKing, dem King of jokes!
WidSe, der Witze-Zufallsgenerator von j-apps. Schreibt uns eure Lieblings-Kurz-Witze!

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joKing – the king of jokes

Update 1.22 out now with bugfixes, new icon and new jokes!
Important! If your joKing still keeps crashing when you select a different joke-set, please delete the app and reinstall. After that you should have fun again with joKing, no joke 🙂

joKing for iPhone & iPod TouchjoKing, the king of jokes! You’re on a boring party and want to become the king? Get joKing and you’ ll never run out of jokes. Just shake your iPhone to get a new random funny joke.
If you know a good joke by yourself, send it to joKing and may be it will show up one day in the joKing App.
• New joKing Artwork and Icon
• New – introducing “Duck Morris” the King of Megalomania jokes

Have fun
Jesse & Jo from

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